Welcome to SriSanthi Food and Bevarages

SriSanthi Food and Beverages exports a wide range of food products to various destinations around the world. Our range of products include all varieties of spices, authentic cooking masalas, South Indian snacks and pickles, various kinds of Rice, ready to cook products, coconut products and many more.

We specialise in Private Label Packaging of our entire product line and we take up private labelling of other products as well depending upon our customer requirement.

Quality is our highest priority and adhering to the highest standards of raw material procurement and packaging is our success mantra.

Our list of products
  1. Whole Spices
  2. Blended Spices & Mixes
  3. Pickles
  4. South Indian Snacks & Sweets
  5. Coconut Water & Coconut Powder
  6. Fruit Juices & Fruit Pulps
  7. Frozen Vegetables
  8. Frozen Fresh Water Fish
  9. Rice